not just nail polish

Its self expression

its your opportunity to

share who you are with the world

6 products

6 products

we've thought of everything

Our curated Custom Nail Polish kits contain everything necessary to make three custom colors; we'll provide the ingredients, supplies and instructions, all that's needed is you!

Guided help

Want extra guidance when creating with your kit? Be sure to visit our Youtube channel for in-depth support.



"Absolutely Beautiful! The color choices are many and all
absolutely beautiful. The nail polish creating process is super easy."

Stephanie T

"Great gifts! My daughter and her friends enjoyed making polish and
we've purchased several additional kits as gifts."

Amanda W.
Easton, PA

I didn't expect the colors I made with my kit to last as long as they did! I got 12 days of wear before my first chip!

Wanda C.
Dallas, TX

My granddaughter loved the kit I gave to her for her birthday and asked for another one for Christmas! She loved naming her colors and wanted to make more.

Terry S.
Clinton, NJ