Your Guide to the Mini Travel Manicure Set

Your Guide to the Mini Travel Manicure Set

If you’re reading this its safe to say you care about at least one of the following things: sustainability, your nails or saving money!  And this guide is here to help you make the most of your TAYLOR MADE Mini Travel Manicure Set so you can maintain your healthy, gorgeous nails anywhere you might be! 

While TSA raised its allowable volumes and number of liquid bottles, we know when you’re traveling its always best to minimize where you can.  We’ve got your covered for efficient and organized packing.  And even with all of the contents in our set, there’s still room for your polish!

Let’s unpack (or repack 😉) your mini mani set sustainably with safe products from TAYLOR MADE. 

Soy Nail Polish Remover Packets

The biggest help with saving volume and space is having our safe, soy nail polish remover in easy-to-carry travel packs.   These bags are re-sealable which make them even more convenient because if you didn’t completely use your remover pad and were only doing a touch up, you can put your slightly used pad back in the pack and seal it.  Having the resealable pouch is also great for times when you don’t have a place to dispose of your polish pad – just put it back in the pack and throw it out when it’s convenient for you.  No mess and no worries.  To refill (and have extra) Soy Polish Remover packets, you can purchase them in sets of 5 at

Organic Hand Scrub

This mighty mini product will provide product for 1-2 uses depending on how much you use at a time.  These tiny containers are super easy to refill from our full size hand scrub jar which can be found in our Full Size Manicure Set or in individual jars here.  Simply scoop your empty container into the jar, level off with your finger, wipe off excess granules from around the neck, replace the cap and your good to go. 

Organic Cuticle Oil

Quite possibly the cutest product we’ve put in mini sizes!  The cuticle oil in this set is the same formula from our Cuticle Oil bottles and pens.  Our pens aren’t refillable but our bottles offer the perfect way to refill your mini bottles which is by pouring or dropping a few drops into the top. 

Other tips to mention:

The mini nail file can be a bit course for some.  We’ve included a mini buffer when you need a fine grit file on the go, but in a mini size.  While our preference is always our glass files, these work perfectly when you’re on the go. 

You might also be wondering about our Cuticle Oil Pens and asking yourself, “aren’t those for traveling”?  Yes they absolutely are.  Our mini bottles are our way to travel even smaller and make planning and packing even easier. 

Final notes for our Travel Manicure Set: Our manicure guide is also included and you may not need it especially when you’re traveling its always good to have just in case!  Have questions or tips about traveling with our products?  Reach out anytime!  We love to help when we can and share your tips with others in our community!