We're Jumping In On The Tie Dye Trend

We're Jumping In On The Tie Dye Trend

Why do we love tie dye?

It’s casual, but chic and definitely not overdone. The bright colors make us happy and feel relaxed. When handmade (especially by skilled makers), every piece is unique! And we mean really unique, just as different as we all are…no two pieces are the same. This feels relatable to Taylor Made, because just like artisan tie dye, our Make Your Own Polish Kits create personalized, one-of-a-kind colors, where no two polishes are quite the same. Instead, they’re fit to you!


So go ahead, buy the tie dye loungewear you’ve been eyeing up, or embrace a white tie dye denim jacket this season. You can support a small business when you do, one of our favorites is Tie Dye & Tonic, or even embark on your own crafting adventure. Just like our Make Your Own Polish Kits, the options are limitless. 

And while you’re indulging your fashion with tie dye, we love incorporating this look with our beauty regimen too. Here are our some of our favorite ways to style Taylor Made Polish with the tie dye look.


  1. Match Your Nail Colors to the Tones in Your Tie Dye

One great way to bring tie dye to your nails is to match your polish color directly to tie dye tones. We custom matched the darkest hues in our favorite tie dye pieces with our Make Your Own Polish Kits, but the options are endless. Whether you prefer bleach dye, pastels, or vibrant colors, you can go for a matching tone that coordinates with your outfit and gives you a pulled together look. 



  1. Create A Matching Ombre Mani

Ombre manis are a huge spring trend in general (who doesn’t love a good gradient moment?), and they are great to bring a tie dye look to your fingertips. Pick one color (maybe one matching your tie dye pieces), then choose a gradient from a deep shade to pastel. Just like the dye spreads in an ombre fashion from dark saturation to light, your nails can do the same. You really can have fun with this, and include super dark shades and very light (almost white), and other colorful renditions of the tone in between. While cream polishes are the standard for this type of manicure, don’t be afraid to try glitters, shimmers, and mattes for a textural ombre as well! 


Green Tie Dye Ombre 


  1. Bring Tie Dye to Your Nail Art

Have you heard of water marbling? This nail technique uses a variety of colors to create a marbled look on each nail. A relatively simple and low supplies technique, no two nails look alike (just like the novelty of a tie dye piece). Some nails will highlight one color, while other nails will be dominated by another. This uniqueness takes nail art to the next level. Check out our last blog for Step-by-Step instructions or watch this (link here) to learn how to turn a your polishes and a cup of water into your own tie dye masterpiece. Using your Taylor Made custom-matched polish, you could even recreate your tie dye piece on your fingertips!


Water Marble Nail Art 


Let us know what your favorite tie dye pieces are, and how you’re matching your nails to this trend. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next Make Your Own Polish color, take a look in your closet!