The Perfect At Home Manicure

The Perfect At Home Manicure

Do you love getting your nails done? There’s something quite wonderful about being pampered, and from choosing a new color for a perfect manicure that reflects your personal style. Sometimes though, time may not be on your side to fit in an appointment, or you’re not comfortable venturing back to the salon. Never fear, you can still have a gorgeous manicure while saving time and money by giving yourself the perfect at home manicure.

Even better, our Make Your Own Polish Kits give you full control over your at-home manicure! One of the most exciting parts about getting your nails done is picking a new color, but what if you could make your own, completely dependent on your mood and style? With #myopkits, you can do just that. Mix up a color that is custom and yours, then get to work on that flawless, one of a kind manicure! 

Once your polish is made, here’s steps for the perfect at home manicure.

1. Out With the Old:

Free your nails from any old polish by using a non-acetone polish remover. You want a clean slate!

2. Get That Shape:

Shaping your nails will allow you to get that professional look! Trim your nails with clippers to a length that’s comfortable to  you, then use a nail file to achieve your final shape. A buffer is great to make a smooth surface, but be careful not to over-buff, it can actually damage the nail!

3. Clean Things Up

Cuticle oil and an organic hand scrub are great exfoliators for both skin and cuticles.  Cuticle oil and gentle exfoliation is better for cuticle care rather than trimming. This will prevent any cuts or wounds, as well as promote nail health.  Simply apply a few drops of cuticle oil to each cuticle and massage into the nail.  Use your own nail or an orange wood stick to gently push back your cuticles.  Follow with a quarter size amount of hand scrub and massage all over hands, nails and cuticles.   

4. Clean Some More

Clean hands are the best base for a mani.  After your scrub wash your hands with warm, soapy water then thoroughly dry. Then, let things dry some more! Your hands and nail beds need to be completely dry to allow the polish to adhere and stick on the nail.

5. Let The Fun Begin

Now, it’s time to put your new polish to good use. Quality products, like Taylor Made Polishes, eliminate most needs for a base coat, but if you have significant ridges, judge accordingly. After 2 or 3 coats of polish (depending on the formula and your desired opacity), your nails are good to go! Let dry thoroughly (nothing is sadder than bumping freshly painted nails).

6. Stay Shiny

Our quality polishes don’t require a top coat right away, but after a few days, you can boost the shine and polish life by applying a clear top coat. Lock in all that hard work!

So, how does it look?

Are you happy with your at home manicure? An at-home manicure can look just as good as a salon mani with the right steps, polish, and patience! To optimize your manicure, we have a few helpful extra hints.

Extra nail care tips

  • Give them a break! Sometimes, your nails need some time off from polish. A week off, every once in a while with heavy oiling, will make sure your nails look extra nice for your manicures.
  • Nourish. Every two to three nights, use an organic cuticle oil on the cuticles, regardless if you’re wearing polish or not.
  • Gentle. All of the manicure steps listed above are best done gently. Gentle buffing keeps the nail strong, as does gentle filing for shape. No need to get aggressive! Also, using an organic hand scrub like the Taylor Made’s “HCB” (Her Clean Beauty) formula is safer and gentler for cuticles than cutting, reducing the risk of exposure to bacteria and germs!

We hope you “nail” it!

You’re well on the way to take your perfect, custom made polish and turn it into a professional looking, time saving, and fun at-home manicure. Share yours with us on Instagram with #myopkit