Differences in Lacquer Formula Types

Differences in Lacquer Formula Types

With all the talk lately about “One-Coat” formulas we want to share our definitions of formula types to help guide your color and formula decisions.  You may be wondering, "what’s the difference between one coat formulas compared to others?"  We're breaking them all down for you.  Bookmark this page when you're shopping colors for easy reference!   

One Coat  

Full coverage with one application of polish. 






Full Coverage in 1-2 coats

This is the most common formula.  Typically you can get a good base coat and perfect the coverage, application and look of your polish perfectly in two coats. 



The smile line is 10-50% visible through two coats of polish. 


The smile line is 70-95% visible through two coats of polish. 



There is a polish formula for every one and for every reason.  Sometimes it’s a matter of personal preference, you want a bright, bold shiny statement color or you're working on a heavy garden project and you need something that's going to hold up.  Other times it’s an occasion or work/safety/school or even uniform restriction that dictates the type or color someone can wear.  For example, we have some nurses that come to us because the work place only allows a natural nail look and bright or solid colors are frowned upon.  A sheer polish with a hint or tint of color is perfect for making their manicure complete, allowing them to personalize their polish and still abiding by their company policy. 

What do you need in a polish?  And how can we help? 

Like we always say…”life is too short for unpolished nails”!