Bridal Polish Party Décor

Bridal Polish Party Décor

Want to make your Taylor Made Polish Party extra special and memorable?  Nothing is more inviting than a beautifully scaped table to set the scene! Taylor Made makes it easy with our simple décor that’s included in every kit, but what if you want to take it up a notch? With some simple and creative additions, you can make your bridal polish party a beautiful and aesthetic experience.

Focus on the Center

Centerpieces really pull together the whole table and the theme of the party, adding those beautiful elements to enjoy while you make your polishes and laugh with your friends. Plan your layout so that everyone can still see each other across the table, but there’s some height and interest for the eye. Try pillar and taper candles, mix and matched vases of different shapes, heights, and glass types, and smaller elements scattered below like flower petals or biodegradable confetti.

You can also be creative with the food and refreshments by displaying those in beautiful ways. Lay out some on flat dishes and style the arrangement, and place others in varying containers of different heights. If you plan on having cake, that alone serves as an eye-catching centerpiece. Dimension and thoughtful placement makes all the difference for these displays.

Color Coordination

Color coordinate all your décor elements for a picture-perfect party. Taylor Made knows and loves color, our customizable polish kits demonstrate he endless shades you choose within a theme! Once you select a party pack, design your décor around colors that can be made within the color scheme of the pack. Everything from food, candles, flowers, and drinks can tie into the color theme. For one of our parties, we incorporated several shades of pink to complement our Pink Purple Red Party Pack.


Gorgeous flowers make an event. Fortunately, regardless of your budget, you can create stunning floral arrangements. Even bouquets from your local market can be dressed up with a little creativity. Our favorite is using unexpected items as vessels for displaying your flowers. Try putting greenery underneath an upside-down clear vase, and source your local antique and vintage stores as well as thrift shops for elegant detailed glassware and ceramics.

It’s All in the Details

Pay attention to the details when you’re decorating to add that extra special touch. We took plain, white fabric napkins to elevate and warm up the tablescape since we didn’t use a fabric tablecloth. We folded the napkins to hold roses that matched our centerpiece flowers. Use whatever you have at home or can find inexpensively, and don’t be afraid to think out of the box and test different ideas, like DIY napkin rings or other accent materials.

So, with a little inspiration (which comes easy when you use the color scheme of the party pack as your starting point) and creativity, you can elevate your Bridal Polish party table décor in no time. Use what you have, and integrate the party essentials, like food and drink, into your design. Don’t forget to have fun and think outside the box!